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Human Connectedness Marketing

Jeffrey Gitomer, author of the book Social Boom, believes that social media marketing will continue to grow and thrive for a couple of reasons. First of all, we are humans and according to Mr. Gitomer, social media “satisfies our need to connect in a very human way.” Secondly, he believes that the “…new currency is quickly becoming attention.” In other words, being “noticed” is becoming more important to humans everyday. Humans are compelled to use social media on a daily basis, because it allows us to connect with other people and when we get them to “follow us” on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube, it makes us feel important. We have achieved notoriety.

So how can you utilize social media to market your business? For starters, you can create a Facebook Business Page and you can enhance your page with a tool called, WixPages. In the book Social Boom, Jeffrey Gitomer explains that to get  “…your customers, your prospects, your vendors, your business contacts, and your business connections…to join you and others to exchange information…” you need to find out what type of information would be valuable to them, and use it on your business page.

In his blog , Scott Monty, head of the social media department for Ford Motor Company, uses Southwest Airlines as an example of a corporation that uses social media marketing properly. Scott says, “They’ve made great use of Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more and have always led with a very human and very customer-centric approach.” 

JD Rucker, contributor to Business Insider writes that in order to use social media marketing effectively, “…those who are able to focus their attention on their customers through social media will gain a better reputation and find it easier to broadcast their promotions as a result”. Mr. Rucker states that people do not want to see marketing at social media sites, they want to access valuable information and “…if and when they’re ready to interact with a business through social media, it’s because they have questions or needs that can be filled through easy-access communication”.

In his blog, “Ten Myths About Social Networking For Business”, Neal Rodriguez shares ten different plans of action that you can use to effectively market with social media tools. To help with search engine optimization, one of his suggestions is to “…pepper your Web site with well trafficked keywords”. You can use Google AdWords to get some ideas about which words will be most effective. Neal offers a lot of great suggestions for social media marketing , but explains that social media should be more that just a “broadcast channel”. He says, to effectively use social media  marketing “…the trick is to get people involved and keep them involved”.

The Web site, Social Networking Articles, blogs about “Preparing your Articles and Blogs with Tag-Worthy Content.” They  provide tips on how to drive traffic to your blog or e-zines that you post online. “In order for social bookmarking to be effective…you need to make sure that you’re using tag-worthy content that is going to be seen favorably by the social bookmarking community.” Tagging your blog with the proper keywords while providing relevant information is the best recipe for search engine optimization and keeping your readers pleased.

Are you ready to start your Facebook Business Page? Watch this informational, YouTube video from Saboohi Khan, on how to get started!

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